The Covid vaccination, Q&A and why we all must have it!

There are a lot of myths and pure lies about the vaccinations. Here, together with links to experts, posts and images you can share, we address the vaccination is so vital for us all!

Covid-19 Vaccinations - Questions and Answers

Here we aim to continually add to the list of sources that can help address your questions about the Covid vaccination. 


What do I do if I receive a letter inviting me to have the jab?

Take the jab for the protection of your family, your friends, your community and for YOUR WELLBEING!

Go HERE to book an appointment. 


General Questions about Vaccinations.

This is the most trusted and respected organisation to go to for your vaccination questions.

World Health Organisation


What is this thing called Covid-19?

Got a question, can we suggest you go HERE for a well constructed glossary of everything Covid-19 related.


Believe the facts not the myths!

British Islamic Medical Association addresses the Myths HERE.


Do you have arthritis? 

Go HERE to have your questions answered.


More links coming over the next few days.


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16 Jan 2021 - On-going


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