Introducing Dr Justin Varney - Health, Wellbeing and Community

Dr Justin Varney is Director of Public Health at Birmingham City Council and is committed to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Birmingham.

Justin is the person within Birmingham with the information on all health related issues as they affect our community.  Justin is keeping all across community informed on all Covid-19 health issues including the vital role of vaccinations to keep us all safe.

Justin leads a dedicated team at Public Health Birmingham.

Here are some useful links and connections that Justin would encourage us to check out.


Face coverings - what to wear and how!  Connect HERE.


Covid-19 conversation with young people led by Silverbxck_Sam - Connect HERE


If you could save someone's life - Adil Ray and other influencers speak out HERE


Lockdown Check List - connect HERE




Health & wellbeing
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